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Web Management

Affordable, value driven responsive web design management

The underlying theme clients hear always centers on driving top line sales with an up to date website as a strong component to web presence for our clients.

No page limits, unlimited updates

Think of the internet as river and your website a giant net to catch fish as they swim by. Casting the widest net gathers the most fish passing by, right?  A well constructed  website developed and designed by Pegasus Ventures comes packed with content acting as a net skillfully thrown across the web reeling in customers.

 Superior website design and development means encouraging clients to build on web presence. Unlimited updates and pages equals more content. More content equals more traffic. More traffic equals more sales.


Clients of Pegasus Ventures clients own and control their websites. You can even register your domain name with Pegasus Ventures when you click or tap here!

Pegasus Ventures partners with Wild West Domains, a subsidiary of GoDaddy, for hosting and domain registration. Pegasus Ventures client own their website with the ability to manage hosting and domain name services independent of Pegasus Ventures complete with GoDaddy powered 24/7 customer service.

Another advantage of hosting through the Wild West/ Pegasus Ventures platform? The reliability of one of the world’s largest most respected hosting company’s GoDaddy.


Pegasus Ventures makes getting updates to your site or asking questions super easy. Call, text or email you’ll get a quick response. Customers around the country appreciate and count on quick responses


Responsive website design means the website works well on traditional home computers, both Windows and Apple computers, as well as all mobile platforms.


Pegasus Ventures strongly believes in the importance of including strong search engine optimization in the design and management of client websites.  Even today we hear questions relating to use of “keywords. While important dozens of markers lead to Google delivering people to a website. In fact, few even realize Google looks at every single page often delivering a specific page in a website rather than the home page.

Staying current as technology advances makes for real challenges. Fortunately, Pegasus Ventures found a helper in Google who publishes videos specifically for web design professionals.

Click or tap here to visit Google’s Youtube channel for webmasters