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R&O’s Restaurant in Metairie, LA

Website designed for R&O's Restaurant in Metairie

For a small business based in Northeast Pennsylvania landing accounts in Metairie, Louisiana tends not to make the make the agenda for growing the company, but Pegasus Ventures loves customers near and far.

The path to our strong relationship began with the Great Recession. Who’d think of a web designer to make their custom printed guest checks?


A printing company Pegasus Ventures designed five websites called one day saying, “Sell our guest checks online.”  Pegasus Ventures owner Rob Dewey almost balked  but went ahead with the project. When your biggest client asks one finds the way to say yes.

From that meeting was born the Pegasus Ventures Guest Checks website and a business selling stock and custom printed guest checks as well as restaurant napkin bands, cash register rolls and food rotation labels. Across North America and beyond.

Not long after the Great Recession hit the printing business hard, really hard. The company who brought Pegasus Ventures into the print business crashed along with thousands of small printers all across America.

The melancholy result; Pegasus Ventures with its strong web presence found itself in big demand in the restaurant guest checks business. The lack of printers meant good pricing, with robust capabilities, for people stuck restaurants needing a custom job.

R&O’s called needing custom guest checks for their restaurant. Rob got to know Sherrill from the re-orders really loving the calls every few months as they’d talk a bit about business and family. Sadly this included the passing of both parents who founded and lovingly grew R&O’s, one of those great fixtures in the New Orleans food scene best known for their Roast Beef Debris Po’ Boys.

Not having a website, Pegasus Ventures went on to build the website and now also manages social media for R&O’s in the form of Facebook growing the number of followers to 2,598 as we write this article in just over a year.

As always the Pegasus Ventures first rule? Grow sales for clients. Managing the social media piece of R&O’s web presence means fast response to customer messages and adding content to push customers out to the website and as well making clear the business loves customer input when the review the business.